8 Tools for Exquisite Remote Meetings

For those who wish to speak, there may be a separate phone number to register and receive instructions. When hiring for an office team, the first thing most employers do is look at each candidate’s skills and experience. However, when working as a remote team, character and culture fit are even more important than when working together in person. Ensure that the participants adhere to the deadlines mentioned in the remote meeting. Begin these follow-ups so that you can identify the significant issues that might hamper the completion of the discussed items on time. Doing the above allows the leader to make necessary changes before the session commences.

Talk to your team and rectify any problems they may have when implementing the action items. Constantly follow up for progress updates as it’ll help your team implement the decisions efficiently. This way, when team members are working on the tasks created during the meeting, they can always go back to get a clear idea of precisely what they need to do. Planning tasks out during the meeting can seem easy as everyone’s on call at the same time. You can also go back to these recordings from time to time and see if you’ve overlooked any great ideas that can boost your business.

Such an act can save you time while aiding in conducting an effective remote meeting. Remember also to consider the time zones of the remote attendees. Thus, choose a schedule that will not be too oppressive in their worldwide locations. Remember, any meeting will invariably disrupt the normal cycle of work, even if they are there to positively impact the team members’ goals. They tend to cause workers to refocus every time they break the norm to attend sessions. Hence, sticking to the schedules and communicating them beforehand is best.

You could set it up so there is a one project for all meetings, and then attach notes and files in there. You can also chat with your team using Campfire — a chat service from the same company. The most productive meetings I’ve ever been a part of have been remote — using video chat software, cloud-based documents and file storage resources. MeetingBurner is not just an excellent place to hold remote meetings, but also host webinars and share your screen. This platform is free for meetings of up to ten participants, but you will pay $99.95 per month for large meetings of up to 1,000 attendees. Many people need answers to the question, “how do I sign up for a Zoom account?

remote meeting tools

Diligent also helps you simplify board evaluations and questionnaires, allowing you to get the pulse of members on critical matters. Slack is a communications tool you can use to initiate chat sessions and video calls with other team members https://globalcloudteam.com/ to foster teamwork. You can use Slack to create workspaces where team members can work on projects in private. Google Meet is a video communication service you can use to conduct team meetings, webinars, and video conferences.

Bonus Tool #1: Unlimited Conferencing

First, you’ll simply go to the Zoom website and click on the ‘Join’ button. After that, you’ll have access to the amazing free video conferencing Zoom platform! Whether you want to download Zoom meetings for Windows or Mac, the platform makes installation extremely simple. From the smart Zoom meeting logs to the easy Zoom app download for PC solution, this platform is loved by many businesses. These types of meetings are blocks of time meant for productive work or offering a resource to other team members. Hackathons or productive work sessions provide the time your team needs to do a huge project in a collaborative atmosphere.

You can also get a GoToMeeting download trial free of charge by utilizing the GoToMeeting download FileHippo solution. There is also a GoToMeeting download Outlook plugin that combines your emailing service with video conferencing capabilities. To learn more about how the platform works, be sure to research JoinGoToMeeting and the GoToMeeting login process. GoToMeeting is the best meeting management software for your company if you want flawless transcriptions because of GoToMeeting’s meeting transcriptions feature. GoToMeeting transcribes meetings for you, so there is no need to assign a notetaker allowing all team members to concentrate on your discussion.

Create a Free Geekbot Account

BoardDocs is a meeting and governance software you can access on your tablets and mobile phones. It has a feature that allows you to designate different publishers on different boards, ensuring assignment to the right hosts and helping promote accountability. BoardDocs allows users to access minutes from previous meetings so you can reference previous discussions and ensure continuity. Slack allows users to conduct video meetings with up to 15 meeting attendees. A. Actually, Zoom is free forever, as long as you are ok with the limited features.

  • Remote teams are not a new concept, but they have become more popular than ever in recent years.
  • All you need to get started is to install video plugins and Google voice.
  • Zoom is a great tool for running online video call meetings synchronously.
  • Ensure a full turn-out with the auto-send meeting reminders feature.
  • The modern world demands to work remotely while being present in various countries and cities.
  • For real-time interpretation services, please submit a request to the agency hosting the meeting at least five business days before the meeting.

Additionally, some conference call apps also provide added functionality like screen sharing and call recording. Kim Behnke is an HR Tool Expert & Writer for People Managing People. She draws on her 9 years of human resources experience and her keen eye for systematic processes to support her analyses of the top HR tools on the market.

Empowerment Through Meetings

You can also use one of Fellow’s many integrations to link up with your CRM, project management, video conferencing, and support ticket systems. Fellow isn’t limited to your web browsers – mobile apps and desktop apps are available. However, implementing a remote team isn’t as simple as sending everyone home and assigning them work. Remote teams need to be managed and organized with unique processes and tools to ensure that they feel valued, connected, and productive. Here are 8 best practices that we have identified at Selland Technologies as we have set up our fully remote team. It is advisable to use tools such as google calendar or a similar calendar tool to schedule web based videoconference.

The AgendaAgenda must be circulated along with the meeting invite and if not should be sent one day before the meeting. The participants get the opportunity to glance through the activities or topics to be discussed and can prepare themselves for the same. You can even collect feedback and comments from the participants in case any modifications are required. After all, video recording is more efficient than just taking down notes. These perspectives can bring out some truly great ideas that can help your business achieve more growth.

remote meeting tools

Participants must respect the discipline and etiquette of the meeting, avoiding unnecessary conflicts and disruptions. Troubleshooting issues with phone, laptop, or desktop must be avoided within the stipulated time of the meeting. Participants who join late most not be encouraged and sometimes a polite warning can be imparted to them. If you are sharing a screen then ensure to test it before the meeting starts to avoid any disruptions. He or she must possess the capability to intervene and mediate in case of any conversation conflicts between the participants during the meeting. You can even outsource the activities of scheduling the meeting and sending out the invites, to the coordinator.

Get all DMS tools bundled as a service with your Microsoft Office and Webex subscription. Get a superb user experience with MegaMeeting’s uninterrupted exchange of data, voice, and video content. The Essentials, Standard, and Professional plans cost $11.99, $15.99, and $31.99 per month, respectively. Join.me’s LITE, PRO, and BUSINESS plans are priced at $10, $20, and $30 per month, respectively. In addition, you can password protect and encrypt your chats, and no data is ever lost on Zoom.

This will help you have productive discussions with your team, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Remote meetings or virtual meetings happen when geographically scattered teams use audio or video conferencing to connect. These meetings can be project discussions, performance reviews, or even team-building sessions.

Requesting Interpretation for an Upcoming Meeting

This way, everyone will focus on achieving the goal during the meeting and not get carried away with other ideas. Sticking to this strategy will also help you finish your meeting on time and minimize any inefficiencies. To avoid long and inefficient meetings, stick to your agenda, and decide on a meeting goal. Additionally, sending out meeting invites well ahead of time also plays a significant role in making your meeting more efficient.

remote meeting tools

These tools allow you to check the time of the various zones where your team members are located. Besides, you can even generate awareness among the team about the time zones being serviced by the company. Conducting an online meeting by handling conflicts of schedules and clashing meetings of remote team members is that which we are going to discuss in this section.

Other Remote Meeting Tools

The modern world demands to work remotely while being present in various countries and cities. The rising trends in remote working necessitate effective collaboration and coordination between the team. Some great task management tools you could use are ClickUp, Trello, and Asana.

Standup Meetings/Status Updates

Some of the best file sharing systems you can use are Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. Tools like Google Drive even integrate with its own suite of collaboration tools (Google Docs, Sheets, etc.) and third-party apps like Slack for more efficient workflows. However, in a remote work setting, how to run a successful remote meeting it’s hard to know what your employees are currently working on, and keeping track of all of your team’s tasks can be confusing. Once your team meeting is over, draft a summary with the list of action items that were discussed during the meeting and send them over to the meeting attendees.

Daily standups ought not to take more than 15 minutes, but they’d sometimes last as much as an hour when everyone was on the same call. Once you construct a summary, share it with all attendees through email or other sharing apps. Furthermore, indicate the responsibility attached to each derivable. By sticking to such etiquettes, you can run meetings remotely and effectively. Once the catching-up concludes, mention the meeting agenda briefly to the participants. Hence, the moderator will keep an eye on the discussion while guiding it to fruition.

Best Task Management Software for Team Efficiency in 2023

Deliverables for each workstream are decided and deadlines assigned to each. The duration of Hackathons generally lasts for a few days and sometimes for a few hours in a day depending on the length and breadth of the program. In a traditional office, you’d physically check-in on your employees and their task progress. All you have to do is go over to their desk and see how things are going on. Send messages asking for updates around a week after the meeting.

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